Monday, March 28, 2016

How to Decorate a 1st Apartment

Whether you're starting from scratch or attempting to combine hand-me-down furniture with new items, decorating a first apartment can seem daunting. Even though I had lived in a few apartments post college in Houston and had been through the process of designing a townhome after that, starting over with a tiny space in New York was a challenge.  In addition, most first apartment decorating budgets are meager.  So how do you go about creating a permanent, "homey" feel in a temporary space?   First, I believe investing in pieces with good bones is key.  A classic sofa, side chair, or headboard can transition from space to space and feel new again with fresh fabric.  Keep trendy buys to a minimum and bring in bold color through throw pillows, accessories, and smaller upholstered items.  Only buy art you really, really love.  I hate to see people spend money on art that doesn't speak to them or go with their space-  whether the piece cost $20 on Etsy or is from a reputable gallery. And take your time putting everything together- start with the big pieces and add in the side tables, lighting, rugs, and decor from there.  Here are a few of my personal picks for 1st apartments/homes that are relatively affordable:

Shop This Board (From Top, Left to Right):

1.) Overdyed Wool Rug $799/2.) Belgian Linen Flat Roman Shade $Price Varies/3.) Upholstered Chair with Casters $1,300/4.) St. Germain Brass and Glass Side Table $799/5.) Wayland Gregory Tray $34/6.) LAFCO Candle $60/7.) Tufted Modern Sofa $1,499/8.) Blake Raffia Coffee Table $699/9.) Blush Swivel Chair $799/10.) Fibreworks Sisal Rug with Black Banding $693/11.) Polished Nickel Pendant Light $595/12.) Acrylic Counter Stool $75/13.) Lavender Silk Throw Pillow $45/14.) Tallman Upholstered Bed $499/15.) Brasserie Dining Chair $119/16.) Abstract Painting $300/

Peak of Tres Chic Favorite Online Sources:


Chic Furnishings:

Chic Lighting:

Budget Options:

Unique & Vintage Designer Pieces:

Finally, don't try to get your apartment finished in a matter of weeks.  You'll feel overwhelmed, will likely make impulse decisions on items that you will later regret, and be stressed over the money spent on items you don't love.  I always recommend to friends and clients to allow yourself to live in a space and get to know it before buying too much of your furniture. And please reach out to me by email if you need help with your space, your floor plan layout, or simply want to purchase something from a trade-only source. My email is listed under the "contact" tab.



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