Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Take Me Away: Henry Howard Hotel

I officially have another reason to put Nola back on my "must-travel-to-this-year" list besides visiting Perch. A hip boutique hotel opened in the Garden District this past February, and I've heard nothing but rave reviews.  Henry Howard Hotel is located inside a historic 1860s mansion originally built by architect Henry Howard for the 2 daughters of steamship owner Edward Conery.   The hotel features the original 12' ceilings, Corinthian columns, and red pine floors.  Each of the 18 rooms has been uniquely designed by Lauren Mabry of Hunter Mabry Design and incorporate antique instruments like a brass saxophone and trumpet with vintage Persian rugs and open, airy canopy beds.  

Henry Howard was a well-known New Orleans designer and architect in the 19th century who had a penchant for Roman arches and a fine sense of proportion in interior spaces.   Although born and trained in Ireland, Henry moved to Nola in 1837 and did most of his work between 1844 and 1884. He built several homes as well as commercial buildings in the Garden District, all with carefully thought out floor plans that allow for plenty of sunlight.    Of the many structures he created, 90 urban and 14 rural buildings remain intact today.

Lauren Mabry honored Henry's work by keeping the building's original footprint, ceilings, and crown moldings.  The original column capitals from the exterior of the house have been repurposed as coffee table bases and can be seen throughout the property. 

Lauren wanted to preserve the history of the building while adding in a bit of modern flair, and admits that adding in contemporary details might have been the best part of the process.  Paintings from local New Orleans artist Hayley Gaberlavage line the walls and the iron beds have been constructed by Doorman Designs. 

I'm dying to get back to New Orleans to check out the Henry Howard and to stop in on all my favorite Magazine Street antique/decor stores:

Has anyone checked out this hotel yet? The feel of it reminds me of my favorite Austin boutique hotel, the Saint Cecilia. If you haven't visited Hotel Saint Cecilia, it's a must when you're in Austin, even just to take a quick pic in front of their neon "Soul" sign by the pool:

To be honest, I've had a few false starts with Nola. I'm ready to give the city one more try and experience the creole magic.  

What do you think of the Henry Howard? Rooms start at $189/night.


  1. so cute pics ;-))

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  5. What a great hotel and I love the canopy beds! Happy Wednesday, Sam!

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