Monday, June 20, 2016

Needing, Wanting, Loving: Green Walls

I'm back from another great weekend away in the Hamptons, so there's no Monday scaries here.  I want to keep the relaxing vibes going by discussing one of my favorite hues~ green!  The last few years, we have seen a resurgence of emerald green, especially on walls and kitchen cabinetry.  I love the richness of the color and the depth and mood it can add to a space:

But beyond emerald, I love green for it's versatility.  It can work in a variety of settings, and I love seeing interesting applications- like fun wallpaper or tinted grasscloth.  Farrow & Ball's Acanthus wallpaper makes this bathroom feel extra special:

I also love the olive-tinted wall treatment Charlotte Lucas used in this bedroom:

Farrow & Ball's Carriage Green in high gloss dresses up this office space:

Tory Burch's living room has become somewhat iconic for the rich emerald walls.  I love how nicely it mixes with the blue and gold gilt accents:

Another great green paint color is Farrow & Ball's Green Smoke, used here in a moody library:

A green wallpaper with a bit of striation adds texture and intrigue to this home office:

I'll always be a fan of lacquer, especially when it's done in a bright, bold color, like kelly green:

Or a more muted blue green:

Leave it to Jean-Louis Deniot to mix stone with a tasteful green hue.  The result is a library that feels both charming and cozy.

Green is the only color that I never tire of.  Whether it's layered with other greens in a space or only used as an accent color, I always find it appealing.  Which shade of green is your fave?


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What say you? I'm all ears.

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