Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday's Worthy Links

TGIF!  Today's links are a good mix of 1 part humor + 1 part fashion + 1 part politics.  Add a dose of cute animals and career advice, and stir well.  Enjoy!

-How charming does Katie Armour's new Copenhagen living room look?  

-Justice being served.

-15 Career Tips From Smart Women.

-I have my eye on this black lace clutch, wouldn't it be the perfect accessory for the fall/winter season?

-A Look at Simone Rocha's Home in London. 

-Angelina Jolie's divorce is not the end of the world.    

-Hilary Clinton on Zach Galifanakis's "Between Two Ferns" made me truly laugh out loud.  It's a must-watch. 

-Thinking of scooping up this, this, and this for next summer.  The prices are too good!

-Adorable animals to get you through Friday.

-A big thank you to Vive for interviewing me for their Innovator Series.  Vive is an app that let's you book blowouts on the go (and at the drop of a hat) at one of Vive's vetted network of salons. It's so easy- schedule and pay through the app! Use my code "Samantha" for a discount of your first few!

Happy Friday!!  Have a great day and a lovely weekend.



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