Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My Favorite NYC Skin Care Sources

Since relocating to New York, I've kicked my skincare routine in to high gear.  While starting over in a new city was thrilling and reinvigorating, having to find new people to care for my grooming needs was an exhausting process.  I got many recommendations and did my research before booking an appointment with anyone, but ultimately it's been a process of trial and error to find the right people that work for me and that I'm comfortable with.  I also have had a few truly horrifying experiences, but I feel those are best left for a post about the absurdities of New York life.  Anyway, my first inclination when I find something I love is to share it with as many people as possible- so below I've shared my favorite places to go + what treatments I get as part of my skincare routine. 

First off, before going any further in to this post, I wouldn't blame you at all if spending the time and money on the treatments I describe below seems like overkill to you.  As someone who despises the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (no matter how fit you are, watching that just feels like utter torture), I hate to place too much importance on beauty.  But I would be lying to myself and to you if I said I didn't authentically enjoy the grooming process, and skincare more specifically.  I grew up around a mother who took great care of her skin from a very young age.  She spent most of her childhood in sun-drenched Hawaii, and cringes remembering all the times she lathered herself in tanning lotion as a teenager.  Despite those early years that could've caused massive sun damage, she has since made her skin health a priority and at 58 years of age often gets mistaken for my sister.  She took me as a teenager to get my first facial, and I've pretty much been hooked ever since. 

Best European Facial:  Mario Badescu 

{Mario Badescu Salon in NY}

I try to get a facial once every two months, and this is my favorite spot for a standard European facial with extractions.  For such a well-known spa, the price for a treatment is relatively inexpensive ($65 per session). I see Irina and really have been happy with each visit.  They also give you lots of great samples to try when you check out. My 2 favorite Mario Badescu products that I swear by are:

Caviar Night Cream $20 (perfect for the winter, when you're skin is extra thirsty)

I like to use this powder with a Q-tip rather than with the pad it comes with.  Dab a bit of this powder on a red spot and it disappears almost immediately. It also helps to control oil and clear up surface congestion. It's the best!

Best Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment:  Skinney Medspa

{Flatiron location of Skinney Medspa}

One bummer thing that happens as we get older is that our skin doesn't produce as much collagen as it used to.  Collagen production is so important because it's the protein in the body that keeps skin from thinning, thus making signs of aging less noticeable.  The Clear + Brilliant Laser is a fractional laser treatment that triggers cellular renewal and causes the skin to produce more collagen.  A laser is glided over the surface of your face and neck that penetrates your skin with microscopic pinpoints of thermal energy.  I.e.- the under layers of your skin feel a burn that causes your cells to produce collagen and overturn the outer layer of your skin with a new, rejuvenated layer.   Your face will be red after the treatment and it will burn slightly, but by the next day my skin has always calmed down and you have a natural glow.   This treatment is worth every penny to me and has helped to diminish the spots of darker pigmentation that has popped up on my face. Plus, it's scientifically proven to reduce pore size and help stimulate collagen production.  The staff at Skinney Medspa have been so kind and are always so informative when I go in for a treatment at their Flatiron location.  They really care to access the health of your skin and will suggest the best treatment options for your skincare goals.

Best Botox Injections: Dermatology & Laser Group

{Dermatology & Laser Group office}

I've been pretty open about the fact that I've gotten botox every 6 or so months for the past few years.   I completely understand those who are vehemently opposed to it-  it's chic to age gracefully, and no one should make you feel like you need to have skin that doesn't feel lived in.  Nonetheless, I have a very expressive face and I like that botox has calmed down the lines that used to be etched in to my skin between my eyes and on my forehead. It's a personal thing- but if it's available, and perfectly safe- then I say, why not?  At the end of the day- you do you.  When it comes to botox treatments,  I prefer to see a doctor rather than go to a medspa or an aesthetician.  I feel safe knowing I'm under the care and watch of a doctor who truly has my best interests at heart.  However, finding that kind of doctor with impeccable bedside manner can be difficult I've discovered.  When I lived in Houston, I raved about Dr. Yalamanchili.  He treated me with the utmost respect and his office was full of lovely people.  In New York, I am happy to say I finally found a wonderful doctor, too!  Dr. Akhavan at the Dermatology & Laser Group is a board-certified dermatologist and a member of the faculty at Mount Sinai Medical School.   I was referred to him by a coworker and went in for a consultation this fall.  I appreciated that he stressed the importance of not overdoing botox and maintaining enough facial expression to feel genuine.  It was clear he wanted me to be happy with the results and listened carefully as I discussed my own skin concerns.

{To the lady that taught me to love skincare-  love you mom!}

PS- Speaking of beauty, I recently got a new bathrobe from Frette (seen here) and it feels like I'm wearing a blanket. I wanted a warmer option for walking around the apartment during the winter, and this guy did not disappoint.  I highly recommend. 

Have a great Tuesday!

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