Monday, December 19, 2016

Sam Loves: 18

Who else is counting down the hours until Christmas vacation?  I'm heading home on Thursday and I'll be gone through the new year.  First Oklahoma City, then Houston, then Nashville, and finally Miami!  If you have any good recommendations for Nashville or Miami, please let me know.  It'll be my first time to Nashville and I haven't been back to Miami in a long time- so I'm looking forward to the change of scenery.  I'm not looking forward to putting on a bathing suit after the holiday, though. :)  Here are a few things I'm inspired by today...

-Maja Wyh is my favorite fashion blogger to follow.  I love her style, and this outfit feels perfect for Miami.

-Loving this Tassel Velvet Crossbody Clutch in Burgundy, $39, and these festive gold bauble earrings, $52

-This Ako Side Table by Malabar was inspired by 16th century European voyagers travelling to Japan.  The interior features a storage space where glasses and a drink can be hidden away, as well!

-A chic hall with faux panelling designed by Sig Bergamin.  His aesthetic is best described as maximalist at it's best.

-Fringe, monogrammed cocktail napkins make my southern heart happy.

-Still contemplating purchasing these leopard booties by Steve Madden, $89.95.  Since I wear almost all black in the winter, they'd be a nice outfit accent.

-I'm heading to Texas for a few days after Christmas to see friends + relax.  I've missed all the beautiful cacti and the warm weather.  How stunning is this purple prickly pear cactus?

-I'm a sucker for a stunning stair runner, and Kelly Wearstler designed this one with brass stair rods for an extra-luxe touch.  I find myself being just as blown away by her personal style as I am by her interior design.


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