Monday, July 10, 2017

Skirting the Issue

Not to completely denounce Corbusier, but details that are decoration for decoration's sake (rather than function) are usually my most favorite. Give me fringe framing the edges of pillows, a luxe appliqué monogram on hand towels, and an intricate bone inlay chest before you give me some sort of simplified Corbusier leather chair that belongs in Patrick Bateman's apartment.  Form doesn't have to follow function, right?  One decorative element that makes me particularly rosy in the cheeks is a skirt.  Whether it be on a sofa, swivel chair, vanity table or entry console, there are endless styles and fabrics + trims to choose from when dressing up a skirt (pun intended):

Colefax & Fowler's Bowood fabric looks chic on this chesterfield sofa's slipcover:

Bowood is a popular fabric and has been one for quite some time; since the 1930s to be exact. Talk about timeless! I think the chintz pattern is "granny chic" at it's best.   In this Manhattan bathroom, a slipper chair with a pretty bullion fringe add a bit of comfort:

There's nothing more feminine than a skirted vanity table.  Designer Margaret Kirkland paired a white silk skirt with a chair upholstered in Sister Parish's Dolly fabric in this Park Avenue pied-à-terre.  And what's that in the background?  Bowood wallpaper, of course!

Ruthie Sommers went ultra-feminine in this Illinois home's guest bedroom by covering the walls, vanity skirt and chair in Cowtan & Tout's Amelie:

Are all these chintzes and frills a bit too much for you?  Straight, tailored skirts create a more streamlined look:

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