Friday, July 7, 2017

Neon Vibes

There are few things in life as delightful as a 3-day work week.  I'm planning to spend my weekend getting random things done around my apartment and hunting for a new rug.  Since moving to my new apartment, I've been having a bit of decision fatigue regarding the design palette- do I go traditional with a light oushak and add in a few French begeres, or do I infuse the space with some funk by adding a neon sign and a punchy Persian?  Personality wise, I feel like I'm a mix of these vibes-  I like the peace and calm of a softer palette and the gentleness of traditional lines, but I also love to take risks and explore the unexpected.  Because it's [almost] the weekend, I thought today I'd delve in to my more daring side and share the neon hues that've caught my attention... 

S H O P   N E O N  V I B E Z ....

1.) Meri Meri Tassel Basket, $35.  Love this little guy too!

2.) Neon Spool Earbud Headphones, $24/

3.) Pucci Bandeau Bikini (60% off!),  $190/

4.) Neon Tear Drop Earrings, $38/

5.) Babou 1 Shelf in Neon Yellow, $55/

6.) Ice Cream: 100 Contemporary Artists Book, $60/

7.) Gola Neon Coaster Sneakers, $68/

8.) Oliver Gal "Love" Neon Sign, $360/

9.) Tory Burch "Minnie" Travel Ballet Flats, $225/

Rug shopping stops:  ABC Carpet & Home, Ace Vintage Rugs, The Rug Company, Studio Four, and Crosby Street Studios.  

Cheers to a fab weekend ahead!



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