Friday, September 22, 2017

5 Coffee Table Books on My Wishlist

The one thing I love to collect is coffee table books.  I can never have too many.  Even though I hate clutter and am constantly paring down my belongings, I’ll never give up a book.  Not a chance!  With the onset of Pinterest and Instagram, it can be hard to wade through the massive amounts of clutter and find images that truly inspire you.  That’s why I love flipping through a new coffee table book!  From the glossy high-res images to the thoughtful text, I feel like a good design book allows you to climb inside the head of the designer or photographer and glean so much inspiration from the pages.  Here are 5 coffee table books I've been dying to add to my collection:

Fashion photographer Steven Meisel's advertising campaign for Versace's Fall 2000 collection is documented in his book, 4 Days in LA: The Versace Collection.  What can one expect to find in the pages of this tome?  Gorgeous yet emotionally vacant models dripping in layers of gold and gems posing in some of LA's most opulent mansions.  What's not to love?

My mom and I recently took a weekend trip to Pittsburgh to see Fallingwater and while there we also visited the Andy Warhol Museum.  I've alwaysbeen so intrigued by Andy's life, especially after seeing Factory Girl, and while at the museum I learned how he loved taking poloaroids.  While many artists often detest technological advancements, Andy fully embraced each and was fascinated by the Poloroid camera when it came out. This book captures the best of his many snapshots over decades of his life.

One of Vendome Press's latest releases, Haute Bohemians, captures the homes and spaces of chic homeowners and designers across the world who prize the ease and comfort of pattern mixing and textile layering.  Each individual space featured is incredibly lush, layered, and luxe, telling a unique story about the person who inhabits each of them:

English decorator David Hicks was a legend in the design world (I've long been a fan).  His geometric-printed textiles are still wildly popular and I've been collecting his vintage design books for years.  Like Andy Warhol, David was obsessive about documenting his life and amassed 24 scrapbooks with press clippings, invitations, and snapshots over the years.  The pages of his salient scrapbooks are shared in Vendome Press's new book - David Hicks Scrapbooks. 

Besides the fact that this book's cover is a fun shade of blazing hot pink, the collection of chic photos and people throughout this book experiencing Ibiza, Spain makes me long for a sun-drenched vacay of my own.  I studied abroad my senior year of college in Madrid, and I'll never forget a 2 night getaway my friends and I planned to this Mediterranean locale.  There really is no place like it. 
One of my favorite tricks for creating inexpensive art for your home is to carefully tear out a photograph from a coffee table book and frame it nicely.  This works particularly well when creating a gallery wall, since the pages of a book are smaller in scale.

What coffee table books are on your wish list right now?

P.S. - In the world of regular books, I just finished reading this, next up is this and this.

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