Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday's Links- 9.30.17

Happy Weekend!  The weather has turned a bit cooler in New York and the leaves have started falling, and all of it is making me so excited for fall.  As much as I love the summer, there really is nothing like autumn in New York...

{Fall florals planted on Park Avenue}

Weekend Links:

-I highly recommend watching Lady Gaga's Five Foot Two Netflix documentary this weekend.  The movie focuses on the artist in the year leading up to her Superbowl halftime performance and the release of her newest album, Joanne.  I've always been a fan of Gaga, but this film captures her baring her artistic soul in a unique way- mostly grappling with the byproducts of her success and dealing with heartache and physical ailments.  I found it very raw yet very inspiring.

-Another solid Netflix new release is Jerry Before Seinfeld.  As the title suggests, Jerry Seinfeld discusses the years before he became a famous comedian, when he'd regularly do stand up at the Comic Strip Live (right in my 'hood!) and slept in a mostly empty studio apartment.  The coolest scene shows Jerry sitting in the street surrounded by thousands of yellow legal pads, which document every joke he's ever written since 1975.

-RIP Hugh Hefner.  "In my wildest dreams, I never could've imagined a sweeter life," he is quoted as saying once upon a time. Yet this opinion piece suggests that his legacy might have a darker side.

- You know you're in the doghouse when Donald Trump chastizes you for spending too much money.  I was satisfied to see Human Health Secretary Tom Price officially resigned yesterday.

-A cute leopard bootie I recently purchased for under $35, 

-I can't imagine a scarier haunted house.

-Speaking of scary things, I was disappointed to hear Darren Aronofsky's Mother! was a bust.  I haven't seen it yet, but not a single person I know recommends it.  I'm a big fan of his past works (including Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan), so I enjoyed listening to his interview on the Tim Ferriss Podcast.  The two discuss everything from dealing with critisicm to navigating difficult conversations to the creative writing process... although I was disappointed they didn't discuss his new relationship with Jennifer Lawrence.

Have a great weekend!



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