Thursday, October 5, 2017

Crushin' It

I'll never forget my first piece of crushed velvet clothing- a Limited Too turtleneck with cropped sleeves in a purple-y silver (at the time, Rachel Geller was wearing it, too!).  That top was the hot ticket item of the season and every girl in my 3rd grade had a version of it.  As they say, all that's old eventually becomes new again- and crushed velvet is BACK!  I'm not ready to bring out the turtleneck just yet, but here are a few cute crushed velvet accents I'm digging:

Shop Crushed Velvet:

1.) Crushed Velvet Superga Sneakers $128/2.) Velvet Flounced Mini Skirt $12.90/3.) Knox Rose Gray Tank, $22.90/4.) Ruthie Velvet French Mattress Floor Cushions $49/each5.) Crushed Velvet Minaudière $696.) Moon River Pleated Velvet Skirt $85/7.) Crushing Hard Velvet Heel $45/

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