Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Julianne Moore's West Village Townhouse

I was sitting at my hair appointment on Saturday waiting for my color to process (any other double process blondes reading?  The  Shout out to the best colorist out there, Chris at Arrojo Soho!) when I picked up the latest issue of Architectural Digest.  As I was flipping through, I stumbled upon a tour of actress Julianne Moore's West Village townhouse.  I loved the modern, tailored feel of her space and immediately began guessing who her designer might be based on the style of her home- Roman & Williams?  Thomas O'Brien?  Ashe+Leandro?  As I skimmed the article, I was shocked to discover Moore designed the home herself!

Julianne had always dreamed of living in the West Village (who doesn't?) and when she discovered the townhouse she now resides in, she was instantly in love.  At the time, the 5-story home was split up in to different apartments.  The renovations were a family affair- Moore's husband's brother, Oliver Freundlich, served as her contractor. 

 The main alteration they made to the house's layout was moving the kitchen from the bottom floor up to the parlor floor, where ample natural light can stream in. Julianne says: 

“I don’t really like traditional kitchen cabinets or islands, so I wanted everything to feel like furniture. I copied the hood from a Vincent Van Duysen design I had seen.  I met him not long afterward, and I copped to stealing his design,” Moore says. “Ultimately, this is probably not the ideal cook’s kitchen, but then again I’m not the ideal cook..."  

{A Jack Piersen photograph hangs above a custom cabinet with Vola sink fittings}

I love the warm, neutral tones and organic forms of many of the pieces Marianne selected for the home, as well as the art selections from noted artists (including one of my favorites, Marilyn Minter).  Here, a Louis Bourgeois piece hangs above the black marble fireplace:

The master bedroom has a truly serene feel.  The Paavo Tynell standing lamp is my favorite piece in this room:

A Nan Goldin photograph hangs above a carrara marble tub by Kohler in the master bath.  I kind of wish Moore had chosen a more interesting light fixture here...

Replacing the kitchen's original spot on the bottom floor of the home is a cozy family room.  A Harvey Probber sectional is covered in an Edelman leather.  A vintage Danish chair and an Eames rocker covered in sheepskin sit opposite the sofa:

Moore married her longtime partner, Bart Freundlich, in the backyard garden of the home with 36 family and close friends present in 2003 (before the renovations took place).

Dying to know more?  You can read the full feature at Architectural Digest.

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