Monday, November 6, 2017

Target Strikes Again

Happy Monday!  Have you all shopped the Who What Wear x Target collaboration yet?  It launched in August but I haven’t had a chance to really peruse the pieces til this past weekend.  It doesn’t help that there are roughly 2 Targets in Manhattan and they are located far from my neighborhood.  Maybe the silver lining is I’m not able to just “pop in” and leave with $150 worth of products that I wasn’t shopping for in the first place (gotta love Tar-jay).  But since I finally had a chance to shop online, I realized how many great fall pieces Who What Wear designed for their Target campaign.  Here are a few of my favorites, and a few other chic pieces from Target’s other lines (hi Gucci slide and Chloe scalloped flat lookalikes...):

Shop this Board:

1.) Bishop Sleeve Red Sweater $28/2.) Who What Wear Lace and Satin Midi Dress $37/3.) Who What Wear Frill Cut Blouse $27.99/4.) Women's Lace Illusion Dot Heart Dress $32.99/5.) Women's Long-Sleeve Crepe Dress $19.58/6.) Women's Crossbody Camera Bag $28/7.) Faux Fur Clutch $20/8.) Sam & Libby Scallop Ballet Flats $34.99/9.) Leopard Booties $34.99/10.) Crushed Black Velvet Dress $24.9911.) Sidney Over-the-Knee Boots, $39.9912.) Women's Kona Backless Loafer Mules $22.99/

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