Saturday, November 18, 2017

Weekend Links 11.18.17

Happy Saturday!  I am so looking forward to going back to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving next week.  Can you believe it's already holiday season?  I've had to pinch myself a few times because I keep asking Alexa to "play Christmas music!" which is 100% out of character for me.  I'm typically a Scrooge.  No tree, no decorations... and definitely no Christmas tunes.  But as I sit in my apartment and write this, I have a CB2 white wreath on my front door and Bing Crosby singing out of my speakers.  

Weekend Links for Your Perusal:

-I've become fascinated with Belgian psychotherapist Esther Perel, and am dying to read her two books, Mating in Captivity & The State of Affairs. I found her podcast conversation with Tim Ferriss so enlightening, and she did a follow-up Q&A session with viewers last week that really touched me.  Let me just say this:  I don't necessarily agree with everything she discusses, but I have learned a great deal from the insights she shares and the topics she explores from her 34 years of work as a psychotherapist in NYC.

-So impressed with all the participants of the latest One Room Challenge, but especially digging Naomi Stein's guest room transformation (those wallpapered doors!)

-Still loving this cheery Manhattan apartment designed by Miles Redd a few years ago (sitting room pictured above). Chartreuse + vivid pink silk + chinoiserie wallpaper + Damien Hurst artwork = design heaven.

-All the feels for this post from Mari Andrew.  Isn't her instagram the best?

-Jealous of Jackie Clair's latest thrift store find, a Frances Elkins-style loop chair. Housing Works here in NY is a gold mine for finding gently-used antiques and furniture treasures.

-Looking for inexpensive art?  I dig these printable posters.

-Just purchased this table for my apartment to work as a kitchen table of sorts and I have to say I am loving it.  I generally try to avoid buying from catalog stores because I love antiques and one-of-a-kind pieces, but I needed something badly and this fit the bill.  I also purchased two of these chairs which are currently at the upholsterer getting a facelift (but are so comfortable).

Have a nice, relaxing weekend!



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