Monday, January 22, 2018

Snow Boot Chic

When I moved from Houston to New York in 2015, I owned one "heavy" jacket.  I thought it would serve me well and carry me through the winter as I'd always characterized it as my "cold weather coat." But when the temperatures first dropped to the 20s that fall, I was alarmed to discover I was grossly unprepared for northeastern winter.  I immediately invested in a puffer coat and snow boots, both of which I still own today and wear often.  I also discovered that snowy weather wear is an entire sect of fashion I had been completely oblivious to while living in Texas. 

The key to getting through the cold winter months after the Christmas cheer is over is to have a jacket and snow boots you really, really love.  By the time April comes around I always fantasize a little about giving away my Metropolis.  By this point I'm so sick of seeing myself in it for the past 5-6 months, but I manage to resist the urge and hang it in the back of my closet instead.  Without fail, I'm always a tiny bit happy to pull it back out in November.  The same goes for my snow boots.  Since we're in the thick of winter and warm weather seems out of reach at this point, I thought it'd be fun to get inspired by chic winter snow boots.  A crowd pleaser has always been Sperry's duck boots:

{Rach Purcell}

{Katie's Bliss}

{Atlantic Pacific}

This season I am loving the beige/white boot trend (this pair and this pair are faves).  The lighter toned boot looks stylish both in snowy weather and when paired with a typical winter outfit:

I also am obsessed with Sorel's Tofino II Fleece Lined Waterproof Boot:

{Rach Purcell}

Angelina Jolie was spotted out with her kids sporting a relatively affordable snow boot.  I'm wondering if she actually ate any of those caramel apples, though?

{Amber Fillerup in Sorel's that are now sold out, these boots are similar}

A few more boots I love:

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