Thursday, January 25, 2018

Style Icon: Lucy Williams

Are you all familiar with Lucy Williams?  She's the flawless blogger babe behind Fashion Me Now.  Based in the UK, Lucy began her career working as a fashion assistant for InStyle and then served as fashion assistant editor at Stylus.  After 7 years of blogging, Lucy has built a loyal following and garnered press from all the top fashion editorials for her unique sense of style.  I'd describe her aesthetic the same way I'd describe my dream man:  effortlessly original... laid back... unpretentious... all the while remaining undeniably cool.  She manages to sport the "beachy-chic-salt-water-in-my-hair" look flawlessly throughout the entire year: 

She also has a proclivity for cropped flares:

And man, does this chica wear them well...

When I think of sneakers with a dress, I immediately imagine all the unfashionable old ladies commuting on the Q train and cringe.  But of course Lucy pulls the combo off flawlessly on the reg:

Another element of Williams's style I love is her layering.  I'm a big believer in juxtaposition- leather with lace, Theory with Forever 21, earthy soft elements with tough metal accessories.  So, I love that Lucy often mixes soft and hard textures- like a chiffon blouse with a leather jacket:

And lastly, I love her collection of statement-making boots:

Check out Lucy's blog here, and follow her on instagram here.

XOXO & Happy Thursday!

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