Thursday, February 1, 2018

Needing, Wanting, Loving: Burl Wood

Thank God February finally came!  Does anyone else feel like January was never going to end?  What a depressing month.  A few of my close friends have birthdays in February, and the month is short anyway- so before we know it, it’ll be March and nearly springtime!  While it’s still cold outside (especially in Manhattan), I thought it’d be appropriate to talk about one of my favorite warm materials to decorate with - burl wood.  Burl wood furniture is different from normal wood furniture because it has that lovely, swirled look to it.  While most wood for furniture construction  is cut in a long, linear manner from a tree trunk, burl wood is different.  Occasionally, a gnarly looking growth will appear on a tree’s trunk as the result of the tree undergoing some sort of stress- typically insect infestation or mold.  Cute, right?  But, the beauty inside once the burl is cut is fascinating.  The normally straight-running grains of the tree go crazy inside the burl, twisting and turning to create all sorts of irregular and interesting patterns.  Burl is fabulous because it has such a rich, layered look to it and adds pretty depth to a space.  I believe mixing colors and materials appropriately is what gives a space warmth and interest.  Adding in a piece of burl wood furniture undoubtedly gives a space that bit of “oomph” we all crave:

Want a bit of burl wood for your home?  CB2 has some great options.  I also found a few pretty pieces on 1st Dibs:

Happy February!



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