Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday's Worthy Links 02.04.18

If, like me, you couldn't care less about the Super Bowl, then let me provide a distraction for you tonight with a few Sunday links.   It's become really important to me to spend a chunk of my weekend exploring something new, writing a bit, and allowing myself to indulge in a little creativity.  Whether it's trying a new restaurant, checking out a new art exhibit somewhere here in the city, allowing myself to relax and read a bit (I'm reading this now, next on the list is this this and this), or simply researching a new topic for the blog, it revitalizes me and gets me excited and prepped for a new week. 

Sunday's Worthy Links:

-A love ballad to your therapist.

-Let a "Human Uber" live your life so you don't have to.

-I agree with this wholeheartedly.

-I've been a big fan of the Tim Ferriss Podcast for a few years now.  I find almost every episode I listen to fascinating and I always take away bits of value from each speaker.  There are so many nuggets of truth in each episode that are applicable to all of our lives, so I highly recommend checking it out!  I listened to this podcast episode today and loved it.  

-Loving the floral bedroom shown above designed by Peter Marino, featuring linens by D. Porthault.

-Interesting opinion piece on The Man Repeller:  I didn't realize love was supposed to be kind of boring

-Nordstrom's new arrivals are particular great lately- love these, this, and this.

-The gift of the Good-Enough Mother.

Happy Sunday my friends.



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