Thursday, February 8, 2018

Needing, Wanting, Loving: Rattan

How is everyone’s week going?  Yesterday evening I went to a very insightful talk at MNDFL given by Sharon Salzberg about mindful connection.  I’ve been to a few meditation classes at MINDFL and have always gotten so much out of each one.  They have a studio in the Upper East Side (which I usually go to) but also have a location in Greenwich Village and Williamsburg.  Last night’s talk was at the Greenwich Village studio and Sharon spoke about her new book, Real Love.  It felt like an appropriate discussion during the month of love and I've added it to my reading list after hearing her speak.   Today I wanted to discuss a material I love-  rattan.  Rattan is the thin, pliable stems of a palm.  It is often woven together to construct furniture in a variety of styles.  Woven construction in general has become popular again over the past year as woven handbags have been all the rage ( I personally can't get enough of these).   I love the ease and relaxation rattan furniture naturally evokes.  It's Cali boho at it's best:

Just a few rattan pieces I am loving right now...

Needing, Wanting, Loving: Rattan 
(Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

1.) Handmade White Rattan Handbag, $63/

2.) Rattan Table Lamp, $129/

3.) Anguilla Rattan Coffee Table, $798

4.) Woven Malawi Chair, $399/

5.) Round Rattan Placemat, $28/

6.) Pari Rattan Daybed, $998/

7.) Yala Mirror, $198/

8.) Caterina Chair, $898/

9.) Flynn Single Wall Sconce, $228/

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