Friday, April 26, 2019

One Month of Fithouse

Dark, neon-lit rooms, lots of sweaty, toned midriffs showing, EDM blasting out of the speakers.... no, this is not a Brooklyn warehouse party.  This is FitHouse, a new-ish fitness studio in NYC that offers a multitude of classes including HIIT, yoga, barre, dance, and sculpt.  Last month I partnered with Liquor Lab and FitHouse for weekly workout sessions at their new Union Square location.  FitHouse originally opened last spring in Tribeca, and has another location in Union Square.

What makes FitHouse different than other group fitness companies in Manhattan?

For one, they have some of the city’s best instructors.  The founders of the studio made it a priority to hire the most sought-after instructors by offering them higher pay than most gyms do in New York.   Clement Benoit, CEO at FitHouse, says: 

“For us, instructors are the most important piece of the equation... and people follow their instructors. They’ll go wherever they teach if they’re happy with the workout.”

Second, they’re relatively affordable, offering unlimited classes for only $189/month.  In New York standards, this feels like an incredible steal.   As you probably know if you follow me on instagram, I am a Soul Cycle devotee and regularly fork over upwards of $37 per class at both spots.  If you're not ready to splurge on unlimited, monthly class packs start at $99.
How are they able to offer classes for less than the New York standard?  The founders put a large focus on finding spaces for their gyms that require a minimum amount of investment to make them ready for classes to begin.  Second, they look to open their spaces where lease terms can be 6 months with the possibility of longer-term extensions, so that they can quickly spin up new locations in new neighborhoods, with less risk.  

I am no fitness expert, but I am certainly a fitness class enthusiast and know what sort of classes work for me.  I've never found a class that can truly alter and tone my body in the way that barre classes do (particularly purebarre), so the FitHouse barre classes were my favorite.  Although I loved all the teachers I tried, my favorite was Nina Marchione.  Not only does she have an insanely toned physiche which made me feel like she definitely knew what she was talking about, she’s also excellent at pushing you to work harder while still making the class fun- which is no easy feat.

{FitHouse Union Square}

I also tried the HIIT class with Jay Mark.  If you're looking for a difficult cardio class that can also help build strength, this class is for you.  We went through five stations doing three reps each of kettle bells, rowing, rope work, bicycles, and weights so your heart rate was elevated the entire class.  

I also loved the bounce classes, where an instructor leads you through cardio training utilizing a mini trampoline.  I first tried this type of workout at Bari Studio last summer, and was happy to learn that the company joined forces with FitHouse last fall to bring their unique classes to the FH repertoire.   

All in all, I loved the variety of classes and the quality of instructors.  The only thing I wish is that FitHouse would open a location closer to me in the Upper East Side and that they provided showers in their locker room.  There are rumors they might be opening new studios closer to me soon, so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

While on the topic of fitness...

A few of my other favorite group fitness studios in Manhattan:

Soul Cycle with Karyn Nesbit obviously (I go to her classes at least twice a week)
305 Fitness classes (nothing is better than a live DJ in the room to dance to...)
purebarre (as I mentioned above, I've never been able to find a workout that could tone and alter my body the way pb does)
Barry's Bootcamp (anything that promises you'll burn 1,000 calories in one session is worth 45 minutes in my book)

My favorite workout bag forever and always will be this.  Can't say enough good things.

Really loving this workout set.  

And a few other fitness faves...

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