Thursday, May 2, 2019

Beauty Picks from Sephora's Insider Sale

I may never own an AMEX black card in my life, but I am a proud red card-carrying member of Sephora’s Rouge beauty insider program.  It’s not the life I chose, it’s the life that chose me:

{how much more chic is red than black, anyway?}

I buy every makeup product I use from Sephora, and those points accumulate over time.  Whether you're a beauty insider, VIB, or a rogue like me- this week is the week for *anyone* to stock up on your favorite products (or those you've been meaning to try) because it's the Beauty Insider Spring Bonus event for all through May 6th:

  • VIB Rouge Status (spend $1000+/year): 20% off April 26 – May 6 with code HEYROUGE at checkout
  • VIB status (spend at least $350/year): 15% off May 2 – May 6 with code HEYVIB at checkout
  • Beauty Insiders (anyone who signs up for Sephora’s free Beauty Insider program, even today!): 10% off May 2- May 6 with code HEYINSIDER at checkout
I wait for this event each year to stock up on the higher-priced items I love (such as Creme de la Mer and a 10-pack box of the SK-II Facial treatment masks) any new pricier products I've been wanting to try (like this), and my every day go-to's, which are these:

My Makeup "Go-to's":

1.) Naked Palette2 - My favorite eyeshadow tones are in this palette.

2.) Touche Eclat Brightening Pen - unfortunately I have perpetual dark circles under my eyes and have been using this brightening pen for years.  Nothing on the market can compare to it.

3.) NARS blush in orgasm - everybody's favorite, and for good reason

4.) Creme de la Mer moisturizing cream- I use this cream nightly.  It contains the Miracle Broth™ that La Mer is known for and smells/feels amazing.

5.) Dior Forever High Perfection Skin-Caring Matte Foundation - this is my go-to foundation.  I like a good amount of coverage while not looking "cake-y", and this is the perfect consistency to me.  It also has an SPF which is imperative!  I can't say enough good things about this product.

6.) Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Candle - my favorite Jo Malone scent.

7.) NARS Lipgloss in "Turkish Delight" - I started wearing this gloss color when I tried it at an LA NARS store in 2012 (while on a trip with Gab!) and haven't worn anything on my lips since.  It's a very subtle, light pink that looks natural.  Apparently it's Kim Kardashian's go-to as well, which I'm not sure is a good or bad thing... :)

8.) Sephora's Makeup Brush Set - good makeup application can only happen when you utilize a good set of brushes-  and these are my go-to's.  They aren't insanely priced and are a great quality.

This is my favorite flatiron, I've been wanting one of these forever, and you can't go wrong with these palettes.

Also, if you only buy one thing during the sale, make sure it's the SK-II Facial Treatment Masks.  These are definitely the best face mask on the market (and I've tried a ton)! Yes, they are pricey, but personally I believe they are worth every penny, and when you think about it at $13/mask, they are much less expensive than a facial.  They leave your skin so smooth while brightening and lifting, and they soften fine lines.  If you have a big event you are going to or want to prepare for, using this sheet mask a few days prior will work wonders.  I promise you- this is a miracle product.

In the mood to gift?  Now is also a great time to get your momma something special for Mother's Day!  I love these candle gift sets, and this bath & body setHere are more ideas.



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