Sunday, September 15, 2019

Tom Scheerer's New Book: More Decorating

I've admired Tom Scheerer's laid-back, all-American approach to decorating for years.  Although I've never met him in person, he seems very down-to-earth and approachable, even while being innately stylish and wildly successful.  I devoured his first coffee table book and love any time a new project of his is splashed across the pages of a shelter mag.   To me, a truly talented interior designer is capable of creating so much more than just a pretty room- if trusted, they can bring out the soul of a homeowner or family through the aesthetics they carefully create.  To me, Tom Scheerer does just that.   So, when Vendome recently sent me  an advance copy of Scheerer's second book, More Decorating, I was thrilled:

Behind the glossy book jacket is a chic rattan print:

I first leafed through the pages on a subway ride downtown, and viewing each of the 16 projects featured was a delight.  Read on to see a few of my favorite rooms...

This Fifth Avenue sitting room has walls covered in bark paper squares from Caba Company, which create warmth.  Three chairs are covered in of one of my all-time favorite hand-blocked fabrics- "Dahlia" by Clarence House:

The terrace and pool shown below are from a home Tom helped his friend design in Houston's River Oaks district.  The house was original designed and built in 1977 by architect I.W. "Ike" Colburn.  He was a mid-century modernist known for adding distinctive pierced chimneys, like the ones shown below, to many of his homes:

This Houston home's entryway walls are covered in Zuber's Paysage Italien wallpaper panels, while a pair of Billy Baldwin red slipper chairs flank the antique console:

The entryway to a Georgian-style Highland Park home features a stained geometric-patterned floor and stairs painted in a Hermes orange.  My favorite detail, however, is probably the cast-plaster umbrella holder that resembles a tree trunk:

{sorry, ignore my finger!}

A Harbour Island villa kitchen bravely forgoes upper cabinetry, allowing the Cuban-style tile to cover the entire wall. The pattern is from Villa Lagoon Tile, while the island was custom-made by The Raj Company.  The floors are covered in a sensible porcelain tile:

A chic bunkroom in a Sag Harbor home features sheer ivory curtains with a cheeky red pom detail and coordinating quilts:

In addition to beautiful photographs, Sheerer generously allows us in to his thought process behind each well-executed design.  He also shares photos of his own Manhattan apartment and his office near Union Square.

In a world where it is becoming increasingly hard to take the road less traveled, to think for oneself, to trust one's gut- both in design work and in any other facet of life- I am endlessly inspired by talents like Tom Scheerer.  

Another decorator who I believe remains endlessly fresh and inventive in a world of over-saturation is my own boss, Markham Roberts (of course, I'm not biased at all!). He coincidently also has a second book in the works that should be released next year.  

To order a copy of Scheerer's More Decorating, go here.  The book will officially release September 19th.



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