Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Boho Vibes

It's an exciting time of year- fall.  I feel that right now we are having the best of both worlds in New York:  The energy and excitement that only a changing season can bring, yet summer-like temperatures remain.  In fact, it's 80 degrees outside right now as I eat a bowl of Egyptian red-lentil soup (sidenote- if you haven't tried Juice Press soups, you're missing out).  Next month I am traveling to Istanbul, Cairo, and Marrakech with a good friend, and I've been watching movies based in these cities for fun.  Last night I watched Hideous Kinky, which stars Kate Winslet and is based in Marrakech.  It wasn't the best movie, but the bohemian vibes of the setting and the main character's lifestyle spoke to me.  In fact, I've been gravitating towards all things 70s-esque lately:

1.) Soludu Leather Mules, $148/

2.) Kershaw Upholstered Chair, $1,198/

3.) Floral Mesh Top, $15/

4.) Juju Hat I, $395/

5.) Penelope Hoop Earrings, $36/ i also really dig these.

6.) Flare jeans in lasalle wash, $128/ - these are cute, too!

7.) Stephanie Vovas Photograph/

8.) Contrast Straw Fedora, $12

I'm also dying to add Ibiza Bohemia by Assouline to my coffee table book collection$78/ - this one is great, too.

Lastly, I'll leave you with a few instagram accounts to follow for all the 70s nostalgia you could ever want....

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