Monday, October 28, 2019

Gift Ideas Under $25 - Holidays 2019

I purposefully titled this one "Gift Ideas Under $25" rather than "Stocking Stuffer Ideas under $25" because I didn't want anyone accusing me of encouraging Christmas shopping hysteria too early in the year. :)  Nonetheless, I have gifting on my mind as product pitches for the season have started rolling in to my inbox.  I love an affordable + useful gift as much as the next person, so I thought I'd share a few of the best items I've come across lately with you today- in case anyone out there is an early shopper...

Shop Gifts Under $25:

1.) HANS Swipe iPhone Screen Cleaner, $15/

2.) Mer-Se & Co. Faux Fur Eye Mask, $24/

3.) Blue and White Ceramic Soap Dish, $24/

4.) Slow-Melting Ice Sphere Molds, $10/

5.) Empathy Cards, $4.50/each-  this is also cheeky & fun.

6.) My favorite bowls of all-time, set of 4: $24/ also love these, even though they aren't under $25!

7.) Maude Burn Massage Candle, $25/

8.) Wine Glass Holder for the Shower- $16/  I need one of these immediately!

9.) A comfy t-shirt, $19

Other fun ideas (not necessarily under $25)...

-Regular floral deliveries, some of which are arranged by Vogue editors.

-I never knew I needed this til I saw it advertised.

-The most comfortable PJ set in the world, I promise.

-Give the gift of cheese (aka the best cheese in Manhattan) and pair it with a cozy knit blanket.

-We all know everyone's favorite stocking stuffer is a pair of socks.

Happy Shopping...!

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