Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Serious Dose of Perspective

Today I feel compelled to write what has been deeply on my heart as of late.  I know that this post may not make sense to everyone, but I do hope it speaks to someone.  I am definitely the type of person that likes to constantly be around people, and every so often I get seriously burnt out as a result.  I know that many times the Lord has had to take some extreme measures to quiet my soul and get me to come away with Him.  I am ashamed to admit it, friends, but typically I do have to force myself to slow down and be still.  I don't know why I am so afraid to be still and sit alone with myself.  Nevertheless, every time I get into the presence of God alone, He always is faithful to show up and reveal something to me that I need to hear.

Tonight, I was perusing through one of my newly-favorite blogs~  Christa Black is an author and speaker, as well as a musical artist.  She asked a very interesting question-

What do you do with the pain of unfulfilled dreams?

I know that I have a specific dream in my life that I have prayed over for quite some time.  I have shared it with several friends and tried to seek out the Lord in understanding whether it was His will for me or not.  Christa also has a dream yet to be realized.  Here is how she described her pain-

"My soul was bleeding all over the place, camped out in hopelessness instead of the peace that’s always available from my Father, and my spirit needed a booster shot of truth to snap me out of it...
Everything shifted.  Almost instantly.  The more I thanked Him, the more His Spirit came, like a blanket of dew over a new, green world that had just sprung forth.  I could feel it, tangibly.  And it didn’t just feel like peace, it was peace. 
A grateful heart has no room for hopelessness.  It has no time for a victim mindset and no time for competition and comparison with others. 
A grateful heart sees like God sees—and when you see like God sees, believe me… change." via Christa Black's Blog

Lord, I thank you for supplying us with coverage, support, love, and security over every need we have.  There is no place in our lives that You have not spoken over and promised You will always be with us, even when we fear.  I know that You recognize our insecurities as well as our fears.   And I know You call us to be bold in broken places.  Help us, Lord, to be strong and courageous.  Help us not to fear.  Help us lean on You in our times of need.  But most of all, Jesus, I thank You.  

I thank You for new life.

I thank You for answering many pages of journal entries regarding my life in Houston and my uncertainty of moving here.  Jesus, You have led me to people who bless and uplift me every day.  You are so good.

I thank You, Jesus, for a job where I can go and feel that I have a purpose.  That I am helping supply information and do work that will service others and supply people with the energy they need.

I thank You, Jesus, for parents who care enough about me to be interested in my life.  Even when I have messed up and fallen so many times as a daughter.

I thank You Jesus for never relenting in wanting to redeem me.  Thank you for chasing after my heart and helping me escape situations that were not Your best for me.

I thank You Jesus, for giving me opportunities to love others as you loved me.  Even when I don't do it nearly as good as You, Jesus, I thank You for allowing me to share who You are with others.

I thank you, Jesus, that I have the money I need to eat, sleep, and live comfortably.  I will never forget the people I saw starving to death in Africa, Jesus.  I know you showed me that for a reason.  I know you are preparing me for something.  And I thank you for allowing me to realize my dream of visiting Africa.
I closed my eyes, quieted my screaming soul, and positioned my heart, my mind, and my spirit towards God. 
“Father, I need you right now.  I need your perspective.  I need you to come with your Holy Spirit and peel these lies off of my eyes and heart.  Let me see this situation like you see it.
You want to know what He said to me?
Thank me, Christa.”
So simple and yet, so profound.  Just thank me. 

I thank You, Jesus, for seeing friends loved by true men of God.  I thank You for redemption, and showing us that even when life is bleak, you DO have a plan and a purpose for our life.

I thank You, Jesus, that You allow me to get Starbucks each day, sometimes twice a day.  

I thank You, Jesus, for giving me a social spirit so that I do not feel uncomfortable loving others openly.

I thank You, Jesus, that you make us come alive through touch, and that I get to hug and kiss those I love in my life.
I thank you, Jesus, for being so accessible to Your children.  You knew we would struggle here on earth, but being the lavish father and lover that You are, You are always desperate for us to come away with You.  


  1. Absolutely lovely, honest and earnest! Thank you for sharing!


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  2. oh my gosh, your a Christian too? wow, so happy i found your blog!!!

  3. Just what I needed to read. It goes perfectly with the message I heard at church last week- funny how that happens. I appreciate your openness- what a refreshing blog!

  4. A wonderful post to help others in their time of decision, needing guidance. Like your life lessons help those going through life changes, they also help those giving them guidance. Thanks for sharing such intimate thoughts.

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