Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Morning Inspiration: If This Blog Were an Outfit...

She'd wear something like this...

{Source Unknown- Any Help?}

The Peak of Tres Chic is made up of:
3 parts old Hollywood glamour
2 parts Parisian muse
1 part preppy school girl
a dash of 70s bohemian 
and garnished with sparkles on top

Doesn't she look fabulous?


  1. What a great way to personify your blog. Now you got me thinking if my blog was an outfit : )

  2. These clothes...chic, sophisticated, and stylish...just like your blog!!

  3. LOVE this!!! Your formula is perfection! I'm all about the black, white, and a dash of leopard or python lately.

  4. Great formula, I really need to add some more capes into my life.

  5. yeah she looks amazing!! Love every single one- esp the first one and the girl with the rocco bag- gorg!

  6. fashionable little blog for sure! Love these picks!

  7. love all the looks amazing style.. want to be that second picture the Chanel scarf and dress are just perfect.

  8. that's a great mix. but i'm stuck wondering how the first girl gets her buns so tight and neat. i have so many flyaways around my crown, grrr!

  9. Yes, definitely fabulous and such a fun idea! Your blog has amazing style xx

  10. these are all so lovely, I wish the weather is warmer so I can start wearing skirts again!

  11. The best math equation I've seen in a while. perfection

  12. Yes, yes and more yes! Dying over all these gorgeous outfits. You've got some great style my friend!

  13. Oh my gosh she is absolutely fabulous--yes, she, your blog, and I lover her to pieces! So much amazing Monday inspiration! xo

  14. OMG what a fantastic post---love this idea!


  15. This is an amazing site! I totally need this sometimes for those mondays where you want to start off the week in sweats. Such a great post

    check out my site anyone!
    Heather XOXO

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