Monday, January 23, 2012

Pretty Organization: Makeup

I'll admit it- I'm a little bit of an organization freak.  I color-code my closet, save important documents in an array of file folders, and have frequent purge sessions wherein I donate all the clothes and accessories I haven't worn in the last 3-5 months.  I just hate to keep anything I don't need, and I want every inch of my space to be pretty.  Recently, I wanted to find a better way to organize all my makeup products.

I don't like keeping my makeup in a bag because I don't want makeup residue getting inside the lining of the bag (are you getting the extent to which I am anally clean?  It's embarrassing).  I also wanted to organize different types of makeup in a unique way.

After seeing a few spare Latte Bowls from Anthropologie in the kitchen, I decided to get colorful with my organization.  

I used one bowl for lip makeup, one bowl for eye makeup, one bowl for concealer and powder, and one bowl for blush and bronzers.  What do you think?  I love opening this drawer in the morning and seeing these pretty bright bowls!   How do you store your makeup?


  1. Oh I love this! I am guilty of unorganized makeup...great idea.

  2. I need to figure out how to organize my makeup! I just got new skincare and now I need to figure out how to organize makeup and skincare! Love your blog!

  3. this is perfect!!! I HATE keeping my make up in a bag but i never knew how to keep it organized, I love this. actually can i come live in your house? haha!!

    Classic & Bubbly

  4. That is a creative way to organize your make up! I also hate that make up residue in my make up bag! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I need your help! I am horrible at organization.

  6. I'm guilty of just keeping it in a bag for now. I could not agree more with the beginning of your post. I especially got in the pitching mood when I was home for winter break and when I got back to school. I think I've donated 10 bags of clothes/random items and thrown out 5. The last thing on my list is makeup so I'll have to get back to you but I'm loving the colorful bowls--so fun! xo

  7. I keep mine in a bag 'cause I don't want makeup residue in the drawer. That and if I need to put makeup on on the go, I just grab the bag and done!

    But your organization is really nice! I could probably implement the bowls idea for hair ties, clips, etc.

  8. Sam I LOVE it! That first paragraph is me to a tee. I'm obsessed with organization, I hate having stuff around that I don't use, and I want every inch of my space to be pretty. I can totally relate. I LOVE the way you used the bowls, so colorful and cute.

  9. this is a great idea...I've never used little bowls! I tell ya, organization of jewelry and makeup is my worse nightmare! I can never figure out a solution that I'm happy with

  10. what a fantastic idea! love this! i need to find a better way to organize my makeup too!

  11. Lovely!!!

    ... and maybe we can follow each others!?

  12. I totally don't keep makeup in my bag for the same reason! I love your idea of colorful organization. I use a clear makeup caddy from the Container Store. It keeps everything organized and easily accessible.

  13. I just posted on the way I do this! Love those bowls!

  14. You are speaking my language sister! I am guilty of keeping my make up in a bag, although just this morning I thought "I need to pitch this bag and get a new clean one... Ew." I may just have to implement the cute little bowls, but keep the bag close by! I am also often guilty of getting made up in the car! Thanks so much for the great idea!!


  15. I HATE when my makeup (well, mostly my benefit bronzer... ugh!) gets on the side of my makeup bag. Then it gets on everything else and I feel so gross applying it in the AM. This is such a great solution :) Thanks for sharing!

  16. There are some gorgeous drawer organisers at Ikea right now. I bought a few for my daughter and myself a few weeks ago and now I'm loving my make-up drawer. I feel like a mad diva! ; ) Hope you are well, Sam x

  17. I could definitely use some organization in my bathroom drawer. Love your idea to use your extra latte bowls, they look adorable! And you're not alone, I don't keep my makeup in my makeup bag for the same reason!

    xo, jen

  18. I really love this idea Samantha! My make-up bag always ends up dirty and I really dislike it. Nice meeting you yesterday :)

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