Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Boudoir

Hello, lovelies!  Happy Thursday.  I hope you are all having a lovely week.  As you have probably noticed, I have begun a new feature called Boudoir of the Day.  Each day (typically at 7 pm CST) I post an image of a bedroom that features good design and inspires me.  I love to glimpse in to a person's "everyday" life and a bedroom can be very telling.  Today I wanted to share a few snapshots of my own boudoir.  Because I live alone, I have free reign when it came to the style of my decor, so obviously I created a very feminine and glamorous aesthetic.  

{Bedside Table- local find, Lamp- DIY'ed from Hobby Lobby}

{Frame: Local Find, Books: CapriHueAllegra Hicks- An Eye for Design}

{Bed: Sanctuary Bed, Trellis Pillows: via Etsy shop Pop o' Color, Bolster Pillow: Bella Notte}

{Bedside Table: High Fashion Home Frame (old): Urban Outfitters}

I hope you enjoyed a peek in to my "happy place."  If you would like to have your own bedroom featured on a future "Boudoir of the Day" post, please email me at!
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