Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Express Your Style: A Bachelorette Escape

Hi friends!  Thank you all for your positive feedback on the costume idea yesterday.  For those of you who thought the blonde hair will trip me up- rest assured I found some brown hairspray at the costume shop that apparently sprays your hair a brunette shade and washes out in the shower.  Let's hope it washes out, because that's my strategy. ;)

One of my all-time favorite home decor websites is Layla Grayce.  They carry a wide array of furnishings and decor items from several fabulous vendors.  So when I heard they teamed up with Jonathan Adler (another personal favorite) for a contest, I had to partake!
The "Express Your Style" competition challenges you to design your dream living room using items from both Layla Grayce and Jonathan Adler.  I stretched myself and went for a bold bachelorette pad with cheeky pillows, a stocked bar cart, and a lot of turquoise.  What do you think?

Shop the Look: 

It's my perfect bachelorette escape.  Booze+ pink Moroccan puff+ no wire hangars & a dash of Jackie O?  Yes please!

I'd love for you to vote for my design here, & you can also enter the contest yourself!  
Happy designing!
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