Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Express Your Style: A Bachelorette Escape

Hi friends!  Thank you all for your positive feedback on the costume idea yesterday.  For those of you who thought the blonde hair will trip me up- rest assured I found some brown hairspray at the costume shop that apparently sprays your hair a brunette shade and washes out in the shower.  Let's hope it washes out, because that's my strategy. ;)

One of my all-time favorite home decor websites is Layla Grayce.  They carry a wide array of furnishings and decor items from several fabulous vendors.  So when I heard they teamed up with Jonathan Adler (another personal favorite) for a contest, I had to partake!
The "Express Your Style" competition challenges you to design your dream living room using items from both Layla Grayce and Jonathan Adler.  I stretched myself and went for a bold bachelorette pad with cheeky pillows, a stocked bar cart, and a lot of turquoise.  What do you think?

Shop the Look: 

It's my perfect bachelorette escape.  Booze+ pink Moroccan puff+ no wire hangars & a dash of Jackie O?  Yes please!

I'd love for you to vote for my design here, & you can also enter the contest yourself!  
Happy designing!


  1. Gorgeous! I love the pillows :)



  2. Just voted! Such a fun idea, love this concept.XO

  3. Love it!! Just voted for ya!! those sconces are to die for!!

  4. This is just so much fun! It's feminine without being too girly. Great job Sam!

  5. Good luck Sam! It is a really cute look.
    xo Nancy

  6. Love!! The sconces are amazing. Especially paired with the mirror. Very Moroccan-esque.

  7. Amazing! I love those chevron pillows.


  8. Ummm...hello gorgeous!!! I would happily live in that space :) Loving all the turquoise! XO Brynn

  9. Such great pieces! That sofa is gorgeous!

  10. Loving this whole look! What a cool contest. Voting for you! :)
    Isn’t That Charming.

  11. Just voted! Loving all of the gold accents!

  12. Fabulous retro theme just love the turquoise chandelier wall lamps and the lounge is very groovy all divine! Carla x


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