Wednesday, October 31, 2012

French Romance in a Bedroom

The other day I got a very kind email from a reader telling me she had purchased a bed just like mine and was wondering if I could put together a board with some room inspiration regarding surrounding decor.  OF COURSE, I said, because nothing makes me happier than a little room board.  I switched it up a bit by using a different headboard design, but in the same colors.  I also went with a more romantic, traditional vibe, incorporating a lot of French-inspired pieces.  Ever since I spotted the Aidan Gray Bristol sconces, I have been lusting hard.  I think we were made for each other:
How delicious would they look next to an upholstered headboard?  Parisian romanticism at it's best, no?
I can see this design working well for a guest room or a bachelorette.  Or really for any situation (in my book).  My future husband will have to learn to live with a dash of pink.  No ifs, and or buts about it.
I hope you like!! Oh, and Happy Halloween!
 XO, Sam
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