Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kate Moss for Vogue Italia October 1992

Kate Moss- the ultimate style icon.  Every image I see of her makes me stop and stare.  I recently came across an editorial from the Vogue Italia archives featuring Kate Moss that I thought was perfect for the autumn transition.  These photos were taken by Arthur Elgort in October 1992- exactly 20 years ago.  20!  Can you believe it?  Kate has aged so well.

The feathers, natural colors, gold jewelry and embellished collar are all on trend.  I especially love her makeup- the navy eyeshadow paired with soft rosy cheeks and a subdued red lip is a combination I'd love to try this fall. 

 Anyone know of an upcoming music festival?  I need an excuse to buy that feather crown! 
Have a fab Tuesday, all!

{images via here.}


  1. Ha!!! I love the feather crown!! What a great look. She is beautiful.

  2. Wow. I want to look better than I do now 20 years in the future!

  3. What a great post! Gorgeous pics and gorgeous finds. You could totally rock those feathers :) luv it!!

  4. These are gorgeous shots...so timeless! She really is stunning!

    The Glossy Life

  5. She is seriously so beautiful!

  6. This is so lovely! I love that you took from the past to create the now... you clever girl, you ;) XO brynn

  7. Ummm had you not have said that this editorial was from 20 years ago, I would have thought it was published recently. Seriously, she looks just as gorgeous today as she did back then! And the fashion is spot on. Love it!

  8. Wow she is amazing! I can't believe she was only 19. What a great post!

  9. I cannot believe these photos are 20 years old! She is beyond flawless. Loving the whole "Recreate the Look." Very clever Sam!

  10. Kate is a vision. She truly had aged beautifully over the past twenty (gasp) years!

  11. Love her.. So inspiring, thanks for sharing!

    xo, Christina

  12. She gets better looking all the time. Thanks for sharing these awesome photos.


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