Monday, October 15, 2012

Needing, Wanting, Loving: A Purple Sofa

As you know, I'm a "play it safer" when it comes to the larger pieces of furniture.  I much prefer my sofas to be a neutral shade with pops of color incorporated through pillows, a throw, or a piece of artwork above.  But as I sit back and consider that the days of living alone are likely numbered, I'm tempted to buy a lavender settee or sofa.  Something similar to this delicious one:

To increase the drama, why not buy one in a darker, velvet fabric, pair it with a nude photo and a chandelier?  I wouldn't mind turning my living room in to a pseudo-harem... (just kidding!):


The romantic in me craves this tufted chesterfield.  Or maybe it's this room that I truly crave.  The sofa the perfect pop of color in this soft, subdued palette:

This classic settee paired with an emerald green wall color makes such an impact.  I love that a juju hat was added as wall decor!  It adds a certain playfulness, don't you think?

If I was much swankier (read: wealthier), and perhaps had a castle, I'd love to call this my living room.  Such a regal design:

Do tell:  what are you needing, wanting, loving these days??

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