Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Boudoir of the Day

Today's boudoir of the day is a lovely respite of gentle colors and soft finishes.  What takes this room from ordinary to memorable for me are the 2 silver gilded Louis Phillipe mirrors above the bed.  It adds an interesting focal point above the headboard- I've never seen a grouping of mirrors like this work so well.

What do you think?


  1. Oooooooo... Very pretty! I could definitely rest in that space.

  2. This seems very relaxing and calm. Love the soft colors.

    - Kaitlyn

    Boardwalks & Boulevards

  3. Let's make my room like this. What do you say??

  4. Love the decor but I believe the mirrors are better placed above the nightstands as it balances the space and perhaps a pelmet box w/drapes falling on either side of the headboard in a complementing fabric would be what I'd do. Just my 2 cents. Would like the mirrors myself!

  5. I love the muted colors mixed with metals! Gray walls + white bedding - love.

    Great blog - I'm now you're new follower!


  6. Amazingly pretty room!The complete finesse of the room is enhanced by the chandelier. I wish i could style my bedroom like this. HouseBuyersOfAmerica can help selling your old house and owning a great looking new house.

  7. The mirrors made my day. Yeah, I agree not all tried to put up mirrors that way, not knowing it would result a good point of interest. Good job!


What say you? I'm all ears.

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