Thursday, February 14, 2013

Easy Breezy Color Crush

Happppy Valentine's Day, or Galentine's Day, as Leslie Knope calls it on Parks & Recreation.
If you want a laugh, you need to watch the clip:

Valentine's Day is great and all, but what I'm really excited about is my upcoming vacay to Australia (6 weeks away!).  I can't wait for the balmy temperatures, sunning at the beach, and spending the night in the zoo (yes we are doing this!).  So instead of the typical red + pink, today I'm focusing on tropical hues.... and my color crush is turquoise + orange, with a little pink thrown in for good measure:
Shop This Board:

Kirra Tate Drape Turquoise Earrings $26/T-Bags Printed Satin Dress $65.01
Cozamia Flamingo Mingle Art Print $45.99/$10,000 A Day Pillow $165/French Connection Vicky Sandals $105/Miu Miu Clutch $595/
If I am honest I must tell you I've been adoring this Jonathan Adler pillow for months.  I mean... how hilarious is it?  I felt it was appropriate to throw in to the mix here because of the carefree, cavilier attitude of it.  Very vacation-minded, no?  And that T-Bags satin dress, marked down to $65, is calling my name.  I live in light dresses all summer, and pairing it with those Vicky flats and Miu Miu clutch would be perfect!
Any big plans for V-Day?  I think it's a pretty overrated holiday... but we are using it as an excuse to go have a fancy dinner! ;)


  1. I love your collage of beautiful items...and the color scheme. The flats are adorbs. ^ weeks will pass in no time! So fun. happy V-day! xx

  2. haha LOVE Galentine's day - I celebrated in yesterday! Check out these parks and recs valentines - LITERALLY so funny hah

  3. HA Love that pillow. That will be the day I say!

    Makes me yearn for summer so bad!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  4. hahah i adore that pillow!

    x chelsie //

  5. Too funny!
    Happe Galentine's Day! xo

  6. Love the bright & fun colors. I have a friend who just went back packing all over Australia and the photos are gorgeous, you will have such a great time!

  7. I am in love with those earrings! And Happy Galentine's day!

  8. If you do not buy the dress I will die. Just FYI.


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