Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The One Room Challenge: Week 2

Hi friends!  Well... it's week 2 of The One Room Challenge and my little office is slowly but surely coming together. 

In case you missed my first post, I shared my desire to turn an empty, unloved room in to my home office.  I've often dreamed of having a place to blog from (aside from lying on my bed with laptop on my stomach...), and a place to work and design from would be nice, too!  This unloved room I speak of is an awkward open space just outside the guest bedroom.  I believe the architect's initial vision was for the room to be a gathering/entertaining space for guests. When I first moved in, I tried to turn it in to just that.  I bought a sofa from Z Gallerie, but then quickly discovered it had a bad crack in the wood base.  I hate to give a company bad press... but unfortunately when I asked for it to be replaced, ANOTHER defective sofa was delivered.  Here's a picture of my momentary happiness with the dud of a sofa (at least it looks pretty, right?) :

After the sofa debacle, I was too exhausted to try and finish the room and decided to give this design a hiatus.  

So... NOW is the time I am finally going to show this room some love!  
With the 6 week time limit of the ORC, I have had to kick it in to high gear and buy most of the office furnishings from stores rather than order anything online.  I decided this python beauty would give my office some much-needed swagger and make a great desk chair:

Would you believe I found this bad boy at Thomasville Furniture?  I would never have imagined to find something so unique in a traditional furniture store... that'll teach me for making assumptions.

I really want to go outside my usual aesthetic and add in an industrial feel to the space, so I chose a distressed zinc desk from Mecox Gardens:

I don't want it to feel too stuffy or formal (it's a workspace after all), and I knew if I went with a glass-top desk I'd be too nervous to sketch and render on it.  I also wanted to break away from the oft-used parsons desk, and for some reason this zinc one really charmed me.
The only thing is, I will need to find a way to add in some storage since the desk doesn't have any drawers.  Still, I am thankful 2 of the most important pieces have been purchased and I am thrilled with both!

I hope you'll stay tuned as the room evolves....

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