Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Forecasting: Colour Bloc

Hello, hello!  For today's installment of Fall Forecasting, we have the lovely + talented Amelia of Colour Bloc.  Amelia runs an art consulting business in addition to her popular blog, has been featured in numerous publications, including The Glitter Guide, and has impeccable taste.

Hi lovely ladies! It’s Amelia from Colour Bloc. Sam, thank you so much for having me over to your bloc for the day to celebrate the rapid arrival of my favorite season.  I'm a huge fan of autumn and am thrilled to be sharing some lifestyle pieces I'm truly "falling" for. 

During the cool months I can't image running out the door without my trusty cashmere blend leopard scarf. It's a definite staple for the season and how cute is this one with a stylish navy trim!

With a new home project, wedding planning and client work my desk is covered with contracts and To Do lists. I rely heavily on this elegant, yet functional, notebook to stay on top of things.

In my eyes, jewelry designer Lulu Frost can do no wrong! She blows me away each season with her vintage inspired baubles. I'd love to layer this one over a simple white silk button down and dark jeggings for a classic day to night look. 

I purchased a navy leather Clare Vivier tote this past summer and have been wearing it a ton. It's so easy with dark denim and heels or a patterned dress and flats. I may need to add this striped one to my handbag rotation. 

How amazing are these Tory Burch flats!? I can't get enough of patent leather shoes and the tortoise shell detail is stunning. This pair is definitely high priority on my fall wish list.

Of course I agree that leopard is the new black!  Thanks for sharing your fall favorites, Amelia!


  1. awesome!! ; ]

    i invite to me too


  2. Agreed!! Leopard goes with everything...florals, stripes...anything and everything...it is the new black!

  3. Couldn't agree more!

  4. I love love love leopard as a neutral! That scarf is gorgeous!!!

  5. Adorable Flats - Leopard should be a basic. Like - white, black and leopard!

    - Lauren/PRBlonde

  6. love the leopard + navy scarf!! x

  7. Oh totally. And that tote??? Amazing. Of course!

  8. You can never go wrong with leopard...I don't care what anyone says!! ANd CV bags are the absolute best!! Love this round up for fall!


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