Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Forecasting: Savvy Home

Happy Thursday!  Today I am kicking off a new series to help toast goodbye to summer and welcome autumn.  Personally, I'm thrilled for cooler temperatures so I can invest in a new pair of riding boots.  But I also love seeing the seasonal changes that come with interior design.  I've invited some of the top style and design gurus in the blogging world to share their fall forecasts.  Gabrielle of Savvy Home is here today, sharing her take on all things fall 2013:

Hi all, Gabrielle from Savvy Home here, honored to be giving my two cents on Fall trends for my girl Sam. Birkenstocks are back, that's a given. But other, more interesting trends are making a comeback this season. Here is a review of my top trends for Fall 2013.

1. Botanical shapes: In art, home accessories and lighting particularly, there is a definite trend toward plant inspired shapes: leafy sconces, herb inspired napkin rings and botanical inspired art are popping up everywhere.

2. Africa: Not only does it seem like everyone and their mother has gone on an African safari lately, you can definitely see an African influence in homewares (like these Senegalese storage baskets) and fashion accessories. I for one am totally on board, especially when it involves charitable organizations like Indego Africa.

3. Camo: The trend definitely started last year (or maybe event the year before) but everything camo, khahi and parkas are back this season. I'm totally getting myself a khaki parka this fall.

4. Barely there colors: As much as we've gone into color overdrive in the last few years, this year's colors are shy: pale, faded and greyed out greens, lilacs and blues are taking center stage. These storage boxes are a great example.

5.  Black & white: Just like we're running away form bright colors, there's a firm return towards the classic black & white in interiors and fashion. So hide your bright baubles and get yourself a pair of two-tone flats.

6. Sport chic: There's a dress down attitude happening right now with the return of chic sportwear: designer sweatshirts, vintage Nikes, and the ever-popular J.Crew baseball caps are back in full swing.

7. Leather: Another trend that's carried over from previous years but is appearing subtler ways this year is leather. The J.Crew pocket sweater is clearly a favorite.

8. Natural materials: Just as much as there is a return to the casual in fashion, interiors are getting a make-under as well. People are trading brass and lucite for rope-wrapped tables and other natural materials such as rattan and sisal.

9. Chintz: People have been talking about the return of chintz for years and it's definitely back in full swing this year. From designer fabrics (Alessandra Branca anyone?) to summer dresses, there's no escaping it.

10. Brown: Never had I thought I'd say this in a million years, but I've been calling the return of brown for quite a few months now. I even noticed it in (gasp) cars! Mixed with other soft colors from this season, I'm kind of digging it.

11. Shark teeth: It plays along well with the return of natural objects and materials, but shark teeth are making a comeback in jewelry, as are horns in interiors. As long as we make sure these animals stay safe...

12. Shells: Last but not least, I've seen so many shell encrusted stuff has popped up in interiors lately: from mirrors to furniture and even fireplaces.

Love your forecasts Gabby- I am all about the chintz and botanicals!
Thanks for sharing!  Stay tuned over the next week for more fall forecasts.


  1. Love these picks!
    I love how your blog mixed interior design and fashion (two of my favorite things!)

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  2. I'm excited about the Chintz...I have always loved it! The Birkenstocks are really killing me....I never liked them before and I hope I don't like them this time around.....although I will admit some fashion bloggers have made them look really cool. Fabulous round up Gabrielle!

  3. What a fab round up...I'm obsessed with everything Wayne Pate creates and the new F.Schumacher chintz fabric is amazing!!

  4. That shell encrusted console table is to die for!

  5. loving those flats! can't go wrong with tibi!

  6. Hi Gabrielle! Loving all of the picks, especially the African influences...would love to incorporate more into my home!

  7. Thank you for including my shark tooth necklace in the mix! Obsessed with that shell cabinet too!

    XO Lily

  8. Awesome new series! Love that basket :)


  9. Thanks for having me Sam! What a fun series! xo

  10. I absolutely LOVE the J Crew pocket sweater and think the trend is so cute! We bought the shell encrusted chest for our Beaufort Beach House and it is even more stunning in person. Have a great weekend, Sam~

  11. Always love everything that Gabs picks both in interior decor and clothing!


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