Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Essentials

A change in season always inspires me to reorganize and reevaluate my closet- donating outfits and shoes I never wear anymore.  The process of having done this over several season changes has taught me to stick with the timeless, classic pieces that work well with my figure.   While timeless pieces are often require more of an investment,  over time your ROI is much larger than bargain shopping for clothes that will fall apart after one season.  I tend to wear a lot of black in the fall and winter months, and I love how a silk blouse looks when paired with leather-

And how gorgeous are those black leather booties?  I have these Tory Burch booties on my birthday wish list.  I also love the idea of pairing leather with a cotton wrap skirt:

Another essential piece is a chic navy blazer.  I love this option from J Crew.  It's perfect to wear over a dress for work, or pair it with cutoffs and a striped tee for a more relaxed, casual look:

A camel top or sweater is great for layering and can also be dressed up or down.  I love this J Crew merino wool option.

A black leather jacket is one of my most coveted fall essentials.  It goes with essentially everything.

I love this all-black look - especially the crop top!

Just as versatile as black, navy goes with almost every other color (and CAN be paired with black!)

And a few more fall looks I love...

I've gathered a collection of pieces I love and feel are great for fall, but are essentially timeless.   What specifically is on your fall/winter closet wish list this year?


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