Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Color Crush: Canary Yellow

When I saw the January/February issue of Elle Decor, I was instantly drawn to the vintage canary yellow armchairs in this Milan apartment living room.  They remind me of a modernized version of Marcel Breur's cantilever chair:

This gorgeous space belongs to J.J. Martin, a fashion journalist who spent the past few years renovating this lovely top-floor apartment in Milan.   In my opinion, the magazine is worth picking up for this article alone, simply because the apartment tour is full of fabulous finds and well-edited rooms.  It's truly remarkable how much of a statement a pop of yellow can make in a room:

Canary yellow also makes quite a lovely fashion statement....

...lest we forget the canary Vera Wang gown Michelle Williams donned at the 78th Academy Awards?

And I LOVE to see the hue paired with turquoise or navy:

The bold colors play so well together.  

So tell me- are you a fan, too?


  1. so nice.. ; -)


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  2. I loved that cover too (and immediately snatched it for my desk). That shade of yellow is one of my favorites


  3. Es ist sch?n, es ist wirklich nicht das gleiche Frau jetzt aus der Arbeit angezogen, und ich beabsichtige Swarovski Kristall Halskette, sich kleiden zu kaufen, verbessern ihre Charme.

  4. Love the yellow accents, so pretty.


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