Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Color Crush: Canary Yellow

When I saw the January/February issue of Elle Decor, I was instantly drawn to the vintage canary yellow armchairs in this Milan apartment living room.  They remind me of a modernized version of Marcel Breur's cantilever chair:

This gorgeous space belongs to J.J. Martin, a fashion journalist who spent the past few years renovating this lovely top-floor apartment in Milan.   In my opinion, the magazine is worth picking up for this article alone, simply because the apartment tour is full of fabulous finds and well-edited rooms.  It's truly remarkable how much of a statement a pop of yellow can make in a room:

Canary yellow also makes quite a lovely fashion statement....

...lest we forget the canary Vera Wang gown Michelle Williams donned at the 78th Academy Awards?

And I LOVE to see the hue paired with turquoise or navy:

The bold colors play so well together.  

So tell me- are you a fan, too?

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