Thursday, August 27, 2015

Color Crush: Apple Red

Maybe it's the New York air, maybe it's the extra shot of espresso I've been adding to my morning coffee, or maybe it's just the changing of seasons- but I've been feeling extra bold lately.  At work we're in the middle of two large installations, and huge decisions are having to be made swiftly and confidently.  Living in a new city also makes even the most mundane tasks feel like an adventure because all my surroundings are new and exciting.   I also feel more like myself than I have in a very long time, so maybe that's giving me a certain assurance, too.  Whatever the case may be, I'm feeling upbeat and confident- and that's translating to my wardrobe and design sensibility, too.

As a firm believer in Bloody Marys, I'm always down for a deep red cocktail.  This Raspberry Campari & Whisky Smash recipe has me drooling:

I love a pop of vibrant red among softer, more muted colors:

Or as an eye-catching accessory added to a neutral outfit:

But is there anything better than a "little red dress?"

This recent fondness for red might also be due to college football season starting, and my beloved OU Sooners will need me cheering in my crimson and cream. 

So tell me- are you an apple red fan, or is it too bold and demanding for your taste?


  1. Love! That first photo - fab inspiration!
    xo Southern Style

  2. Same here! Loving red.



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