Monday, February 8, 2016

Color Jolt

While looking through the archives of designlovefest last week, I came across a trio of colors so divine I couldn't stand it.  Bri and her office created a metallic balloon DIY for their studio and the mix of fuchsia, neon yellow and turquoise blue has me inspired.  I've been on a chartreuse kick this year, which is odd because I've never really been a big yellow person- it's typically too jarring for me.  However, I keep noticing that I'm being drawn over and over again to this pretty yellow-green hue. I was going to devote an entire "color crush" post to chartreuse, but noticed I've already written about the color here and here this year- so I think an obsession is building. To change it up a bit, I wanted to focus on the color trio I spotted on bri's blog instead- with a dose of neon chartreuse in the mix:

Shop This Board:

ASOS Chartreuse Slip Dress $37.64/Mandra Euro Pillow $225/Yellow Sisal Tote $150/Pink Agate Bookends $68/Smart Satchel Bag $60/Claudette Perforated Pumps $78.95/Parallel Bar Ring $28/Neon Marrakech Basket $30/

{balloon image via designlovefest}

I'm loving those perforated pumps!  What color combinations have caught your eye lately?

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