Thursday, March 31, 2016

The View Through My Lens: 28

Last night my roommates and I were sitting around our living room and I was telling them one of those "this could only happen in New York" type stories.  I love this city not only for the culture and diversity but also for all the peculiarities that come along with living here.  It has been such an amazing 8 months so far and I realize with my lifestyle here I'm not getting to pause as much as I'd like to share on the blog.   One day I feel certain I'll write down and share all the strange & interesting things that have happened along the way, but for now, photos will have to suffice.

 {Enjoying tuna tartare, mozarella salad, and a glass of cab sauv at Cognac}

I feel like I'm continuously having "the best meal of my life" in this city.  I've been making notes in my phone of my favorite spots and the best dishes at each place, and will definitely do a "NYC Guide" later this year.  Besides spending lots of time consuming rich food and cocktails, most of my other free time is spent exploring museums, seeing shows, trying to workout as much as possible to balance out said meals, and working on decorating my apartment.  I've fallen in love with my neighborhood (Upper East Side) because of it's proximity to Central Park, the relative quietness, and the fab museums nearby, like the Frick Collection:

 {The gardens outside the museum}

{After-work cocktails at the cutest West Village spot that Lauren & Mackenzie introduced me to- Palma}

{if you follow my instagram, you know I have become infatuated with New York doors.  This lacquered beauty is no exception}

{tufted sofa spotted at the upholsterer}

{pretty corner of our office}

{survived my first NY snowstorm in January with an iced coffee in hand}

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  1. I'm so glad you are loving this new adventure!! I love NYC. The frock collection is amazing!


  2. This place is stunning. The architecture is beautiful and the decoration is spectacular. Environment was transparent and resonant and warm and immediate. I loved these venues in Chicago and my experience here was very exciting.


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