Thursday, December 28, 2017

Black Magic

Tomorrow I am heading to New Orleans to celebrate New Years with a group of my friends from New York.  I've been to Nola two times before but never really had a good experience, so I'm hopeful the third time's the charm.  I definitely want to visit some favorite antique shops along Magazine Street and maybe partake in an architecture bike tour.  We plan to try a sandwich at Turkey and the Wolf, now that it has been named "The #1 Best New Restaurant of 2017". I'm also working to convince my friends to do a Ghost and Vampire Tour with me- I'm fascinated by all the black magic and voodoo the city is known for.   To prepare for the spirit of the Big Easy,  I thought I'd share all the moody dark hues I'm inspired by today:

{Luxury Redefined by Ryan Korban}

Seasoned New Orleaners, please share with me your favorite spots in the city on instagram here, or in the comments.

Peace out 2017!




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