Friday, February 17, 2017

Take Me Away: The Refinery Hotel

The Refinery Hotel is hands down one of my favorite places to visit in Manhattan.  When I previously lived in Houston, I stayed at The Refinery once when weekending in New York and loved the entire experience.  First of all, their pricing is very competitive when compared to most of Manhattan's other high-end hotels.  Also, the rooms are beautiful (I can't get over the bathroom finishes) and the beds are insanely comfortable.  The hotel is located in midtown at 38th and 6th Avenue, making it a convenient happy hour spot for New York locals:

I'm always pulling friends to the Refinery's downstairs restaurant and bar, Parker & Quinnas well as the Refinery Rooftop.  Last weekend, I had a friend in town and I thought it'd be fun for us to grab a drink at their third bar, Winnie's Jazz Bar, because I had yet to check it out.  It sits right across from the lobby, and when you walk in to the lounge you first see the gorgeous, well-lit bar:

One you walk past the bar, several cozy seating areas are tucked away and illuminated by candlelight. When we visited, the live jazz band made our experience extra intimate and fun.  The jazz singer took a liking to one of the girls I was with and basically serenaded her for a few of his songs!  The drinks were delish, too. Their menu features a well-edited list of cocktails like the Struggle Buggy: Mezcal, anis, honey, ginger, tamarind, and pineapple.  

Also popular is the Refinery's Rooftop bar.  During the summer, the space is open and has a breathtaking view of the Empire State Building and the downtown New York skyline:

The bar is always busy, yet the overall vibe feels relaxed.  If you plan to go after work, try to book a table in advance- otherwise you might be standing around the bar rather than enjoying the view.  In the winter, the Refinery closes in the rooftop with glass panels and lights their outdoor fireplace to keep it warm and cozy:

As I mentioned above, I also love the downstairs restaurant/bar, Parker & Quinn.  This spot is always packed and bustling during happy hour, but I love the crowd and the vintage, tavern-like decor:

But let's get back to the actual hotel. The Refinery features 197 ultra-chic rooms in spaces that feel loft-like.  The building itself was originally constructed in 1912 as living quarters and showroom space for Manhattan hat makers.   Stonehill & Taylor, the firm that designed the Refinery, kept the building's history in mind when planning the interiors.  Concrete ceilings and steel headboards mimic the raw quality of the hat maker's original living quarters, while the upholstered pieces reference materials often used when making hats- leather, wool, and cotton:

The bathroom design is my favorite part- standing wash-basins featuring black marble are complemented with brass fittings.  The floor is accented with a basketweave tile that displays the hotel's "R" logo:

The hotel's chic hallways feel warmly industrial:

Next time you visit Manhattan, I highly recommend checking out The Refinery.  And for all my NYC friends- who wants to grab a drink with me there this weekend? ;)



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